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Faits marquants scientifiques 2023

07 avril 2023

Molecular Electronics is a field of research that aims at designing new electronic devices based on molecules. Unfortunately, lack of stability of molecular junctions induces a lack of reproducibility in the measurement process which prevents from a large scale utilization, in particular at the industrial level. A potential approach to overcome this difficulty lies in performing in operando characterizations, in order to get a better understanding of molecular devices and to improve their reliability.

This is what has been achieved through the collaborative work of different research teams from IMDEA-Nanociencia, Universidad Autonoma and Universidad Complutense in Madrid, University of Barcelona, ALBA Synchrotron and Centro de Astrobiologia in Torrejon de Ardoz, in Spain, and SPEC at University Paris-Saclay. These researchers have designed and realized a multifunctional hybrid molecular graphene field effect transistors which enables in operando spectroscopy.


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