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Faits marquants 2010

16 septembre 2010
Eva Zakka-Bajjani, J. Dufouleur, N. Coulombel, P. Roche, D. C. Glattli, and F. Portier
( French version) Contact: Dr. Fabien PORTIER A conductor in equilibrium under a bias voltage shows current fluctuations proportional to its resistance and temperature. This type of noise is known as the Johnson-Nyquist noise, or equivalently, the thermal noise.
14 avril 2010
Benjamin Pigeau, Grégoire de Loubens, and Olivier Klein: Groupe Nanomagnétisme
In a vortex-state magnetic nanodisk, the static magnetization is curling in the plane, except in the disk center where it is pointing out-of-plane, either up (polarity p=+1) or down (p=-1).


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