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Projets 2017

Juillet 2017

Official WEB site of the Magenta H2020 - FET project. Today, much of world’s consumed energy is lost to waste heat through all levels of human activity. For example, thermal loss consists 20 to 50 % of total energy consumption across different industrial sectors and as ... Lire la suite »
Caractérisation du devenir de nano-assemblages thérapeutiques dans un milieu biologique
Le projet de recherche Nanoprotection regroupe six laboratoires dont quatre du Labex NanoSaclay. Quatre chercheurs du LIONS sont impliqués: Frédéric Gobeaux, Jean-Philippe Renault, Fabienne Testard et Patrick Guenoun. Ce projet a pour but de développer une ... Lire la suite »

Février 2017

A very large cavity magnetic resonance spectrometer for innovative concepts and applications
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a powerful analytical tool that allows a wide variety of studies of matter, in all its forms. It involves very low energies and combines multi-scale properties for atomic and molecular analysis as well as macroscopic analysis of deep tissues. It suffers mainly from two ... Lire la suite »


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