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BD diffusons les neutrons

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Mibémol Data Treatment and Analysis

Jean-Marc Zanotti


Two different packages for data treatment and analysis are proposed:

1- The world famous FITMIB Suite:

Download the FITMIB suite softwares (18/01/2009):
How to install it? How_to_install_and_use_the_Fitmib_suite_v18012009.pdf


2- Qensh (IDL 6.1 Licence needed when not on LLB site):

Download QENSH (version  December 05 2018):

How to install it (version 14/01/2009)? Installing-IDL-QENSH.pdf

How to update your version of Qensh (version 14/01/2009)? Reinstalling-new-version-QENSH.pdf

How to use Qensh (version 21/07/2009)?  QENSH-data-treatment-21Jul09.pdf
NB: Download IDL6.1 and license request (special licensing options for academic use).  

3- Alternative installation way of IDL 6.1 (on test 11/01/2019):

Download then execute the MSI file:   IDL_61_Install.exe
Install Instructions: Installing-IDL-QENSH_MSI_Method_03012019.pdf



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