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Headlines 2024

Jul 12, 2024

July 11, 2024 will remain in the memories of CEA researchers: on that day, Anne L'Huillier and Pierre Agostini, laureates of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics, each handed over one of their Nobel medals to the Iramis/Lidyl laboratory, where they have worked throughout their scientific careers.


Feb 16, 2024

MRI (based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR)* is a well-known imaging and analysis method used in medicine for clinical diagnosis. The technique is also widely used in chemistry, biology and the study of materials.

A new method, recently developed and based on MRI, explores the local surface magnetization of an object. Applicable to the study of electrochemical processes, the method can be used to improve electricity storage devices for mobile equipments.

This original technique, developed on the NIMBE NMR platform at CEA-Saclay, uses a large-aperture NMR spectrometer (Brücker Avance - Super-Wide-Bore NMR instrument NEO, 7T), advanced MRI techniques and ultra-sensitive custom-built RF sensors. This new analysis procedure has been successfully implemented for the operando study of batteries. In particular, it reveals a series of fundamental electrochemical phenomena associated with lithium ion transport in the positive electrode materials of commercial "pouch" type Li-ion cells.


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