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Headlines 2009

Jan 26, 2009
P. Camy, A. Benayad, J.L. Doualan, V. Ménard, R. Moncorgé (IRAMIS-CIMAP/MIL)

A major development to improve high power laser chains,  is to achieve both higher yields and better tunability. For future high power lasers that operates by diode-pumping at high rate, several materials likely to meet this double requirement (single crystals, glass and ceramics doped) are studied.

Among these materials, calcium fluoride (CaF2)  doped by Yb3+ cristals, like those manufactured and studied by the "Materials and Instrumentation Laser (MIL)" group of the CIMAP Laboratory, are one of the most serious candidates. Under its single crystal form and doped with trivalent ytterbium ions (Yb3+), it has remarkable properties: broad absorption and emission bands, high radiative life time, good transition cross-sections and excellent thermo-mechanical properties.


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