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Day in memory of Miguel Ocio on Monday, October 3rd 2005  
imgThe SPEC will celebrate a day in memory of Miguel Ocio on Monday October 3rd 2005. The event will take place in Saclay Orme des Merisiers at the Claude Bloch amphitheater (building of Miguel's laboratory), with a lunch buffet at noon. The day is intended to be an opportunity for all relatives of Miguel to meet together and think of him, his life, his works. Please forward this message to other persons who may be interested. Anyone is welcome. Until now, some speakers have already been confirmed: L. Ioffe (Rutgers University) M. Feigelman (Landau Institute, Moscou) Y. Miyako (University of Osaka) G. Parisi (University "La Sapienza", Roma) V. Vinokour (Argonne) Let us know if you wish to present a talk, tracing back any aspects of Miguel's works or collaborations. Any friendly contribution will be appreciated (even non-scientific). No registration fee. But you will have to arrange the details of your stay by yourself. Some limited financial support will be available for those who need it (please let me know). If you wish to participate, e-mail to Eric Vincent.
E. Vincent, dépêche du 28/04/2005


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