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Headlines 2006

December 2006


August 2006

J. Gabelli1, G. Fève1, J.-M. Berroir1, B. Plaçais1, A. Cavanna2, B. Etienne2, Y. Jin2, D. C. Glattli1,3
A mixed team from ENS / CNRS / CEA-Saclay (SPEC) of the Pierre Aigrain Laboratory has for the first time highlighted the remarkable behavior of an electronic circuit when its miniaturization is extreme. These results are published in the journal Science.

July 2006

J.-P. Gallien, H. Khodja, Laboratoire Pierre Süe and G. Herzog, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ USA
The Stardust mission, which ended in success on January 15, 2006 after a tour lasting seven years in space, brought back to the Earth the first samples of material taken from the dust coma of comet Wild-2. This comet formed in the Kuiper Belt 4.5 Ga ago.

April 2006

Ludovic Douillard et Fabrice Charra, DRECAM/SPCSI/Groupe Nanophotonique
A reduction of the size of a metallic object results in significant changes in its physical properties and in particular its response to an optical excitation. Noticeably, for objects of sizes significantly smaller than the incident wavelength, resonances in the absorption spectrum appear.


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