Laboratoire d'Innovation en Chimie des Surfaces et Nanosciences (LICSEN)

LICSEN was created in January 2014 by association within the NIMBE (UMR 3685) of  the former groups LCSI (SPCSI) and LEM (SPEC)


The LICSEN (Laboratory of Innovation in Surface Chemistry and Nanosciences) combines chemists and physicists (14 CEA staff members, 2 university associates, ~14 Ph.D students and postdoctoral fellows) around a core expertise in the field of chemical functionalization of surfaces and nanomaterials.

The main objective is to provide these surfaces and nanomaterials with additional properties of interest in the fields of sustainability, renewable energies and nanosciences for information and health technologies. Our studies expand from the understanding of chemical and physical mechanisms at the fundamental level up to the development of patented processes. The laboratory notably has strong interactions with industrial partners.


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- Chemical Functionalization of Surfaces (Graftfast, SEEP, antibacterial surfaces, surfaces for depollution...)

- Chemistry of Nanomaterials (nanotubes, graphene and other 2D materials...)

- Materials for energy conversion & storage (fuel cells (PEMFC), batteries, perovskite photovoltaic, photo-electro-catalysis...)

- Innovative Technologies for Biology & Healthcare (biosensors, implants, drug delivery)

- Organic & Molecular Electronics (1D and 2D materials electronics, organic devices and circuits, printed electronics...)

 - Sustainability & Waste recycling (purification methods, critical metals recovery, liquid-liquid and solid-liquid recovery processes...) in collaboration with NTU and the joint CEA/NTU laboratory SCARCE.

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