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Projets 2017

Feb 07, 2017
A very large cavity magnetic resonance spectrometer for innovative concepts and applications

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a powerful analytical tool that allows a wide variety of studies of matter, in all its forms. It involves very low energies and combines multi-scale properties for atomic and molecular analysis as well as macroscopic analysis of deep tissues. It suffers mainly from two defects: its lack of sensitivity and its inability to study large objects in a high magnetic field.


The acquisition of an NMR spectrometer/imager with a large cavity magnet will let more place in a high magnetic field and opens up new perspectives, such as:


  • NMR study of objects of centimeter size. The heart of the magnet will be able to accommodate samples of materials (carrots of cements, concretes) or measuring devices (rheology, for example) of a size that is relevant to the chosen application
  • Installation of devices such as optical pumping of noble gases (129Xe, 3He)
  • Study of objects under constraint(s) or in operando, requiring the implantation of devices of mechanical stress in situ.
  • Implementation of more efficient confining processes, enabling experiments under extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, radioactivity) to be carried out without sacrificing the volume of the sample or NMR measurement / imaging systems.


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