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​Pister la bioaccumulation des nanoparticules à des doses environnementales est un vrai défi scientifique. Deux équipes du CEA Saclay (DSM-Iramis et DSV-IBITECS) sont parvenues à suivre le parcours  de nanoparticules de dioxyde de titane à des doses environnementales dans des moules de rivière (Dreissena polymorpha).
Les imogolites sont des minéraux naturels découverts en 1962 dans des sols volcaniques japonais. [1] Il s'agit d'aluminosilicates hydratés de formule (OH)3Al2O3Si(OH). Leur structure est analogue à celle d'un nanotube de carbone. Il s'agit d'un feuillet de Gibbsite Al(OH)3 refermé sur lui-même formant un cylindre de 2 nm de diamètre.
D. Sen, O. Spalla, O. Taché, P. Haltebourg, A. Thill
ESRF Highlights 2007 The synthesis of ordered, homogeneous porous grains is an expanding area of materials research. One strategy for their formation is to dry the spray of a complex mixture containing nanoparticles and templating agents [1]. In this process, a continuous flow of micrometric droplets, made from the initial dilute solution, is dried along a hot tube in order to evaporate the solvent. Self-organisation of the constituents takes place during the evaporation.
J. Pignat, J. Daillant, S. Cantin, F. Perrot, O. Konovalov
ESRF Highlights 2007 Langmuir films of long chain amphiphiles at the air-water interface present different phases depending on temperature and surface pressure (the difference between the surface tension of pure water and the actual surface tension in presence of the film = H20– ). Their phase transitions were first identified by isotherm measurements (surface pressure as a function of molecular area for a fixed temperature).
V. Padmanabhan, J. Daillant, L. Belloni, S. Mora, M. Alba, and O. Konovalov
ESRF Highlights 2007 The study of aqueous salt solutions continues to attract various research groups because of their fundamental importance in various physicochemical, biological and atmospheric processes. The air/water interface plays a crucial role in such processes and differs to a large extent when compared to bulk.


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