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Projets 2018

November 2018

    TUNIFOLDS : Building blocks of foldamers in the gas phase Contacts M. Mons, V. Brenner This topic capitalizes on the team's achievements and in particular its pioneering role in the laser spectroscopy of isolated peptides.

September 2018

Responsable : Eric GLOAGUEN
Ion Pairs Ion pairs are ubiquitous in Nature, from sea water and aerosols, to living organisms. Being the very first step of crystallization of ionic species and influencing the properties of ion-concentrated solutions or ionic liquids, they also play a key role in countless applications.

August 2018

Project acronym: FLAVE Project title: "Project Energetics of natural turbulent flows: the impact of waves and radiation".

May 2018

Détection efficace et sensible d'intermédiaires réactionnels / Efficient and sensitive detection of reaction intermediates via NMR


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