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Projets 2013

October 2013

Nano-object optical manipulation
NanoSaclay LabEx - Fragship Nanophotonics : nano-objects for energy control  2012 - 2014   Partners : Laboratoire de nanophotonique, CEA / saclay (Fabrice Charra, coordinator) Equipe Nanosciences Moléculairss, ISMO U.
Laboratoire de Nanophotonique
Optical Control of the Motion and Organization of Nanoparticles
Hybrid Anisotropic Plasmon-Photonics for Light Emission
A multifunctional platform for long range ordered nanocrystal networks fabrication
Supramolecular Architectures on Metal for Plasmonic Luminescence Enhancement
Active probes for High Resolution Near Field Microscopy
Trapping and optical control of nano-objects using metallic or dielectric nanostructured substrates
Core-shell fluorescent and plasmonic nanoparticles using microemulsion assisted photoreduction technique
Project funded through the CEA (France) - IFA (Romania) agreement October 2012 - September 2014   Partners : Laboratoire de nanophotonique, CEA / saclay (Fabrice Charra) Center for Surface Science and NanoTechnology, Univ. Politehnica Bucarest (Maria Mihaly)
ANR-12-BSV5-0003, coordination and contact Patrick Berthault - LSDRM. This ambitious project aims at proposing the combined use of hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR, micro-fluidics and micro-coils as an ultra sensitive biosensing tool for diagnosis purposes.

January 2013

Chemical switching of surface ferroelectric topology
« Back to the Group page « Back to the Contracts page Project overview The fundamental property of ferroelectric (FE) materials is their electrically switchable spontaneous polarization below the Curie temperature.
ANR-FWF Project: NMR Investigation of MAGnetization-Induced Non-linear Effects


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