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CEA-NTU SCARCE in a Channel News Asia documentary   

imgWithin the CEA,  the DRF/ICSM, DES/EC and the DRF/IRAMIS institute (UMR NIMBE) are involved in the SCARCE project  (Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy), joining the CEA and the Nanyang Technologic University in Singapore.

Channel News Asia (CNA) published the second episode of it's documentary “Climate for Change: Closing the loop”, also called “The Circular City” : SCARCE lab, in NTU and CEA in April 2021 (28:33 – 34:55).

#waste #sustainability #sustainability #zerowaste #noplanetb !

SCARCE will develop advanced waste separation and extraction processes that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than current methods. It is organized around four families of materials:

  • lithium-ion batteries
  • silicon photovoltaic panels,
  • printed circuit boards from consumer electronics,
  • toxic plastics such as those containing brominated flame retardants.
J. Gabriel, dépêche du 27/07/2021


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