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Among 10 years of PRL editors’ suggestions : "Dynamo action in a turbulent metal liquid"  

imgAmong the very first scientific papers selected in the "10 years Look back on PRL Editors’ Suggestions", appears one related to how magnetic fields can be generated by the flow of liquid metals in the cores of planets and stars. This contribution was published by PRL in January 2007. It relates that a french collaboration, gathering scientists from CEA-SPEC - ENS Lyon and ENS Paris, was the first to recreate this dynamo action in the laboratory under turbulent flow conditions. The experiments allowed researchers to probe the factors that give rise to magnetic fields of astronomical objects. A write-up of the research appeared in Physics see Focus: Molten Metal Magnet.

Generation of a magnetic field by dynamo action in a turbulent flow of liquid sodium
R. Monchaux, M. Berhanu, M. Bourgoin, M. Moulin, Ph. Odier, J.-F. Pinton, R. Volk, S. Fauve, N. Mordant, F. Pétrélis, A. Chiffaudel, F. Daviaud, B. Dubrulle, C. Gasquet, L. Marié, and F. Ravelet, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, (2007) 044502.

See the IRAMIS highlight : "Expérience VKS2 : observation d'une dynamo turbulente (De l'origine du champ magnétique terrestre...)"

In the same PRL issue, lead Editor Hugues Chaté (IRAMIS/SPEC) discusses why PRL highlights papers as "Editors’ Suggestions" and how suggestions are picked.

F. Daviaud, dépêche du 19/01/2017


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