Synthèse de Nanodiamants
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Diamond nanoparticles (nanodiamonds) behave outstanding chemical, electronic, thermal and optical properties. Such nanoparticles are actively investigated for nanomedecine, energy applications, quantum technologies and advanced lubricants and composites. For most applications, a fine control of their core composition and surface chemistry is essential to adjust the requested properties. The group at CEA-NIMBE-LEDNA behaves expertise in growth and surface modifications of nanodiamonds by gas phase treatments using homemade set-ups.

Nanodiamonds from detonation synthesis or obtained by milling of bulk diamond are used. Both sources of nanodiamonds can be exposed to thermal treatments performed in different atmospheres (air, hydrogen, argon, vacuum). Such treatments led to controlled surface chemistry: oxidized with numerous carboxylic groups; reduced either with carbon/hydrogen bonds or sp2 carbon reconstructions.

Surface chemistry and nanodiamonds crystallinity are finely characterized combining FTIR, XPS, Raman, XRD and HR-TEM investigations.
Surface-treated nanodiamonds can be suspended in water without surfactant and exhibit colloidal properties which are studied by DLS/zeta and cryo-EM observations.
Boron doped diamond core-shells are also synthetized using a microwave assisted CVD reactor developed for powders.

Three main research topics are currently investigated:

  1. Understand the intrinsic properties of nanodiamonds 
    role of defects and chemical impurities, colloidal properties, behavior under irradiation, emission of solvated electrons, interactions with radicals,…
  2. Explore the photocatalytic performances of nanodiamonds 
    Especially for hydrogen production under solar illumination by water splitting: band gap engineering, heterojunctions
  3. Growth of tailored nanodiamonds:
    a bottom-up approach is under progress at CEA-NIMBE-LEDNA to grow nanodiamonds with controlled size, shape and doping.
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