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Let's scatter neutrons

From molecules to molecular materials
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To get objects with original features, making molecular materials is addressed by assembling building blocks, as atoms, simple or complex molecules or nanostructures (carbon nanotubes, and graphene sheets in particular) on metallic, inorganic or organic supports, glass ... by "bottom-up" processes.

With the mastery of instruments to visualize and manipulate nano-objects, many production processes are implemented:

  • synthesis of nano-objects in gaseous phase (composite nanoparticles, carpet of carbon nanotubes , ...)
  • synthesis of nano-objects in in liquid phase (precious metal nanoparticles, sol-gel processes, ...)

On this theme, the strength of the IRAMIS teams is to involve research on the building processes, to those on knowledge of fundamental properties of nano-objects, assembly mechanisms, organization of the resulting structures and characterization of their properties.

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