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La start up Ethera laurétate du grand prix de l’innovation de la ville de Paris  

imgAfter his recent success to the national award for the "best innovative company in the creation development category" of the Ministry of Research, the start-up "Ethera", managed by Yves Bigay (DSM/Dir) has received the "grand prize for innovation from the city of Paris". This prize is awarded each year, to researchers and students bearer of innovative start-up in the field of sustainable development, biotechnology, information technology, communications and environment, thus contributing to the qualitative development Paris.

ETHERA develops and commercializes simple solutions for measuring and disposing of chemical pollutants. The project consists in the manufacture and marketing of sensors based on porous materials developed by Thu-Hoa Tran-Thi of the SPAM/Francis Perrin Laboratory (CEA-CNRS) for the measurement and elimination of indoor air pollution. ETHERA focuses in particular on the hygiene and security markets, as well as the air quality inside public and privates places. It is a joint project: CEA-CNRS, CEA-DSM & DRT and between Saclay and Grenoble.

C. Reynaud, 2010-12-14 00:00:00


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