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ERC ERC-Starting grant awarded to Dr Fabien Quéré  
ERCDr Fabien Quéré (IRAMIS-SPAM) has been awarded the prestigious ERC-Starting grant for his project "Ultrahigh-Intensity Plasma Optics". The aim of the project is mainly to study the laws of optics when light intensity reaches extreme values. When a laser beam of ultra-high intensity is focused on a target, this target immediately gets ionized and transformed it into plasma, and the laser-driven motion of the electrons in this plasma becomes relativistic. The project aims at studying the effects of this interaction on the laser field: how is such an ultra-intense laser field reflected on a mirror? How does it propagate in a gas? The extremely non-linear optical effects related to this interaction can be exploited to obtain new sources of light, such as X-ray flashes of attosecond duration (1 as = 10-18s), which present a great potential for scientific applications. The project duration is 5 years and is funded up to 1.14 M€. To illustrate the topic on which Fabien and his new team will be working, here are a few IRAMIS highlights from recent years which will constitute the starting point of this project : - The coherent dynamics of plasma mirrors, - Les miroirs plasmas : de la physique des conditions extrêmes aux nouvelles sources de lumières. Congratulations for this success!
D. Normand, 2009-10-07 00:00:00


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