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Next EMIR&A user’s meeting at CIMAP-GANIL, Caen, France, December 14-15th 2023  


CEA-Iramis is partner of "EMIRUM", the next EMIR&A user’s meeting that will take place at CIMAP-GANIL, Caen, France, December 14 - 15th 2023.

EMIRUM is organized every two years to bring together the scientific community that uses ion and electron beams and to give all platform users the opportunity to present their results, exchange ideas, review and discuss the research carried out thanks to the accelerator network. The topics which will be addressed during these days are: fundamental studies of defects,

  • irradiation tuning of the properties,
  • nanostructuration,
  • liquid and interfaces,
  • ion beam analysis,
  • platform features
  • and key technical developments.

NB : The last EMIRUM was a video-conference organized by the LSI team in January 2021.

C. Grygiel, dépêche du 25/09/2023


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