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Nature Physics : "Rajeunir mais se souvenir" - "Rejuvenated but remembering"  


Vient de paraitre : "Rajeunir mais se souvenir" /  "Rejuvenated but remembering"
Eric Vincent (IRAMIS/SPEC), Nature Physics : NPHYS-2023-05-01392 "News and Views" (see also:  https://hal.science/cea-04135494v2)

An introduction to the first numerical observations of rejuvenation and memory effects, once experimentally demonstrated in spin glasses, see: "Separation of time and length scales in spin glasses: Temperature as a microscope", J.-P. Bouchaud, V. Dupuis, J. Hammann, E. Vincent, Phys. Rev. B 65 (2001) 024439.

Nature Physics abstract: Disordered materials are not in an equilibrium state and can age. Sometimes they can rejuvenate too, resulting in intriguing memory properties. Numerical simulations of spin glasses have now reproduced rejuvenation and memory phenomena from simple models.

L. Barbier, dépêche du 15/06/2023


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