Laboratoire Structure et Dynamique par Résonance Magnétique (LSDRM) - Projets

Détection efficace et sensible d'intermédiaires réactionnels / Efficient and sensitive detection of reaction intermediates via NMR
Efficient and sensitive detection of reaction intermediates via NMR   The ability to control chemical reactions by simultaneously monitoring in real time and under real conditions the concentration of different species is an essential tool to determine in the laboratory the reaction kinetics, in order to elucidate the associated reaction mechanisms, as well for the development and optimization of the processes on an industrial scale.
A very large cavity magnetic resonance spectrometer for innovative concepts and applications
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a powerful analytical tool that allows a wide variety of studies of matter, in all its forms. It involves very low energies and combines multi-scale properties for atomic and molecular analysis as well as macroscopic analysis of deep tissues. It suffers mainly from two defects: its lack of sensitivity and its inability to study large objects in a high magnetic field.
ANR-12-BSV5-0003, coordination and contact Patrick Berthault - LSDRM. This ambitious project aims at proposing the combined use of hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR, micro-fluidics and micro-coils as an ultra sensitive biosensing tool for diagnosis purposes. Objectives and means The final objective of this project is to integrate all developments and discoveries in an NMR lab-on-chip type system of general applicability for various in vitro biological diagnoses on commercial NMR spectrometers.



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