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<img src="/Images/News/4386/McPhase.jpg" alt="McPhase" width="50" /> McPhase Spring school : Complex Magnetism analysis  
<p><a href="/Images/News/4386/McPhase.jpg" target="_blank"><img style="border: 0px solid; margin: 0 8px 5px 0;" src="/Images/News/4386/McPhase.jpg" alt="img" width="120" align="left" /></a></p> <p>The <a href="http://www.mcphase2011.com/">first international school on McPhase</a> (a software suite for calculating magnetic/orbital phase diagrams and excitations: www.mcphase.de) will be held at the University of Oviedo, in Gijon on May 10-13, 2011. This school will be oriented mainly for PhD students or young investigators.</p> <p>The general scheme of the school will be dealing with fundamental and applied aspects of magnetic materials containing <em>d</em> and <em>f</em> elements. The school will be organized in two main sessions: on the mornings introductory talks on different subjects will be given (exchange interactions, crystal field anisotropy, high order interactions,..); while the afternoons will be concentrated on practical session using the McPhase software suite.</p> <p>The school will comprise invited lectures from distinguished scientists on the field, oral presentations and poster presentations.</p>
A. Menelle, 2011-02-18 00:00:00


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