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Future optics and electronics

Future optics and electronics :  Building a device (electronic, magnetic, photonic, sensor ...) at the atomic scale (nanometer) is the final step in miniaturization. In the laboratory nanofabrication techniques allow to carry out individual structures of a few atoms or molecules. Beyond the reduction in size and the resulting increase in integration density,  new properties appears at  this scale, often of quantum origin, which can be used. ...

Electronic structure and atomistic modelisation

Nanomagnetism, spintronic and multiferroic materials

Nanophotonics, Plasmonics

Organic and molecular electronics

Quantum physics and nanoelectronics

Synthèse et caractérisation des nano-objets / Synthesis and characterization of nano-objects

Synthèse et caractérisation des nano-objets :  L’IRAMIS dispose de capacité de synthèse de nano-objets aussi bien par des techniques dites de salles blanches (MBE, lithographie, ablation laser,…) que par des techniques bottom-up de chimie (procédés en solution, pyrolyse laser ou CVD). ...

From molecules to molecular materials

Interfaces, complex fluids and microfluidics

Nanostructured materials and nanocomposites

Synthèse et analyse en phase gazeuse de nano-objets / Synthesis analysis in gas phase of nano-objects

Nano-chimie, nano-objets / Nano-chemistry, nano-objects

Physics and chemistry for life sciences and the environment

Physical Chemistry for life sciences : The basic principles of chemistry and physics naturally apply to biology although its complexity is challenging. Some methods in nanotechnology, developed by physicists and chemists within IRAMIS, can be used to explore it. ...

Environmental chemistry and pollution control (Earth science)

Human and Environmental Toxicology

Physics and life

Capteurs chimiques et biochimiques, diagnostic médical / Chemical and biochemical sensors, medical diagnosis

Chimie environnementale et dépollution / Environmental chemistry and depollution

Laser-matter interaction

IRAMIS's research activities on laser-matter interaction concern both physical and chemical matters. Research programs range from simple atomic and molecular systems, to complex molecular and biomolecular systems, up to solids and plasmas. ...

Attosecond beamlines

Attosecond Science

Matter under Extreme Conditions

Photoscience, Lasers, Plasmas

Physico-chemistry and Chemical-physics

Physics, chemistry, nanoscience and materials around large instruments

Physical studies of condensed matter by radiation-matter interaction IRAMIS large facilities, such as neutron scattering spectrometers, diffraction and neutron imaging stations of LLB or the electron accelerator SIRIUS of LSI, are particularly suited to investigate the physical properties of condensed matter and radiation-solid matter interactions. These studies are usually conducted in close collaboration with external laboratories that develop the synthesis of materials. ...

IRAMIS and the European Large Instruments

Physique de la matière condensée, étude par l’interaction rayonnement matière

Structure and phase transitions

Materials for new energy technologies

Discovering and mastering new technologies for energy (NTE) are major issues for diversifying our energy production, its conversion and optimization of the energy storage, while better managing the emissions of greenhouse gases ("low carbon" energy). ...

Energy conversion

Etudes métallurgiques par diffusion de neutrons / Metallurgical studies by neutron scattering

Quantum chemistry and molecular simulations

Durability and aging of materials

Understanding the  mechanisms of materials aging in their operating environment, so as to predict the lifetime of the components or to optimize it, is an important issue of low carbon energies, whether it is nuclear energy (fusion , fission) or new energy technologies. IRAMIS has a solid experience in the field of nuclear materials aging. ...

Caractérisation de matériaux pour l'énergie / Characterization of materials for energy

Materials and irradiation

Corrosion long terme de matériaux métalliques / Long term corrosion of multimaterials containing metals

Science des matériaux et chimie pour l'archéologie et le patrimoine / Material science and chemistry for archaeology and cultural heritage

Statistical physics and complex systems

Many situations encountered in daily life are what is called in physics "complex systems": inherently scalable materials such as glasses and polymers, granular materials, chaotic or turbulent fluids, crack propagation in disordered materials and dynamic fracture, but also interacting animals or human in the society ... All these systems have complex collective effects emerging from individual single rules. ...

Statistical physics and complex systems

Statistical physics in mechanics

Systèmes désordonnés et matériaux / Disordered systems, materials

Les archives de l'IRAMIS et du DRECAM / Archives of DRECAM and IRAMIS

La science évolue et les thématiques de recherche de l'IRAMIS aujourd'hui affichées reflètent le positionnement actuel de l'Institut, sur lequel les équipes sont aujourd'hui mobilisées et actives. L'expertise d'aujourd'hui de l'Iramis s'est construite sur les compétences développées avec nos activités passées. ...

Surfaces and nanostructures


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