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Statistical physics and complex systems
Statistical physics and complex systems

Rotating drum containing 13000 steel balls. This device carries out a stable granular matter flow which is analyzed by a fast camera (D. Bonamy SPEC).

The understanding and control of the structure, texture, composition, kinetics of evolution of materials and thus of their physical chemical or mechanical properties are a major stake in wide fields. In much cases, the materials which one wishes to use for a given application are intrinsically evolutionary. Out of equilibrium dynamics may affect the mechanic, magnetic or electric properties of a number of materials. In other cases, it is an external action on materials - irradiation, heat treatment, corrosion, mechanical efforts, even sometimes coupling between several of these effects - which puts them out of the equilibrium.
The theoretical and numerical tools of the statistical and nonlinear physics allow an approach of the observed phenomena towards the comprehension of the processes that control this evolution on a microscopic scale.

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