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Sharper at the ILL
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Sharper at the ILL

CAD view of the Sharp project at ILL

The Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (LLB) holds the French expertise in neutron science and related instrumentation. LLB is engaged in the upgrade of IN6 through a CRG contract of type A. This upgrade has been performed during the 2019 shutdown of ILL. this is the SHARP project ("Spectromètre Hybride Alpes Région Parisienne" ). LLB is now in charge of the new Sharp spectrometer that was in operation during the last reactor cycle of 2021. During the current long shutdown of the reactor, SHARPwill be transfered at the end of the new H15 guide and becomes SHARPER.

Find a detailed description of the SHARP upgrade with first mesurements here (! French original version !)


Details of the upgrade will be find in the following links :

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