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European Contracts

CESAR : Cryogenic Electronics for Space Applications and Research  2010-2014

MEGMRI Hybrid MEG-MRI Imaging System 2008-2012

The purpose of the MEGMRI-project is to develop and validate hybrid magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology that will allow simultaneous structural and functional imaging of the human brain. This development will improve the localization accuracy of MEG and simplify work flow as no high-field MRI will be necessary

MASTER : Microwave Amplification by Spin Transfer Emission Radiation  2008-2011

MASTER is a European Research Project that addresses the physics and technology of the next generation of spin transfer oscillators. Six European research groups, theoretical and experimental, from academia, semi-governmental institutes and industry, collaborate to meet this challenge.

MASTER is a collaborative project financed in 2007 under the call Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies (NMP)


SPIN 2009-2010, Nanno-Inov

The SPIN project aims at demonstrating the potential impact and competitiveness of a new generation of components incorporating in a single chip nanoscience spintronics elements and CMOS technology. The basic proof of concept has already been brought that integration of these different technologies can provide highly innovative components, with the potential to become generic parts for many different products covering health, energy monitoring, domotics, automotive, aeronautics, and electronics. This project is thus focused on the development of a comprehensive set of three key demonstrators carefully chosen to provide a wide validation of such functionalities. These three objectives share very similar underlying technologies, so there is a large part of common work in their development, and our consortium gathers comprehensive expertise at the leading edge of the area.

Each demonstrator will be delivered with a report on the risk of industrialization, the life time targeted and the security and environmental impact, which will serve as basis for future industrialization.

Capucine 2009-2010 Nanno-Inov

Capteur Multi-fonction à Nanofil de Silicium

Voice 2009-2012

SUD 2009-2011

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