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The Nanomagnetism group with more than 20 persons, has activities on magnetism at small scales ranging from very fundamental studies to applied ones. Present topics include spin dynamics, spin electronics, transport properties at atomic scale, new materials, magnetic resonance force microscopy, magnetic sensors, magnetic imaging  and low field MRI.

Recent Highlights

Light-induced size changes in BiFeO3 crystals,

B. Kundys, M. Viret, D. Colson and D. O. Kundys,

Nature Materials 9 (2010) 803.  More...

Vortex state controled by a RF pulse. A new kind of memory?


Open Positions

Microfabrication engineer.

Post doctoral position in Low fied MRI

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October 2010

6 new internships proposals

6 nouveaux sujets de stage

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Recent funded initiatives for the group

ANR jeune chercheur:

Coordinated by Grégoire de Loubens 2011-2014

European project CESAR : Cryogenic Electronics for Space Applications and Research

Coordinated by CEA-IRFU 2011-2014

ANR Diapason 2 : DIAgnostic de Pile à combustible Pour Applications automobiles et Stationnaires sans instrumentatiON 2 ème  phase link  2011-2014

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