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Microfabrication Engineer

In our laboratory  we design, fabricate and characterize magnetic sensors for a wide range of applications covering current sensors, compass, arrays of sensors for NDE and biochips, ultra sensitive sensors for medical applications. We are looking for a engineer (Master or PhD) having an experience in clean room techniques for a temporary contract (2  years or more).

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Our group very often proposes positions for postdoctoral students lasting from six month to two years.

You will find below open positions.

Don't hesitate in contacting us, if you want to propose your personal research in a field related to our topics of interest. We may then look for potential way of raising funds.

Post doctoral position in ultra low field MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is widely used for medical applications. It requires in general very high fields produced by superconducting magnets. The interest of high fields is to increase the signal and the receiver sensitivity, a tuned coil. The use of ultra sensitive sensors developed in our lab has open the possibility of developping very low field MRI system with a rather good spatial resolution  A first demonstrator working on 6x6x6 cm3 has been fabricated. The role of the post doctor will be to participate to the development of a full scale system  installed at Neurospin. Knowledge on magnetism or on MRI is desirable.

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