Jean-Louis Pichard This international colloquium is dedicated to the memory of our colleague and friend Jean-Louis Pichard (1952-2017). Jean-Louis joined the "Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé" at CEA-Saclay in 1977, as a theorist in condensed matter physics. From the early eighties, he focused his research interests on mesocopic physics while the field was still at its infancy. He made rapidly important contributions to the understanding of Anderson localisation. A decade later, he tackled the difficult issue of the interplay between disorder and electron-electron interaction effects on charge transport. Since 2010, he investigated thermal and thermoelectric transport in mesoscopic systems. Jean-Louis was a passionate researcher who liked sharing ideas with colleagues and students, visiting labs, participating to workshops and conferences. He left behind him an important network of collaborators all over the world.

The colloquium will be the occasion to trace 40 years of research in mesoscopic physics, following Jean-Louis' career as a guideline. Three main topics will be covered by renowned experts in the field:

  • Anderson localisation, quantum chaos, random matrix theory
  • Correlated electrons and transport
  • Thermoelectric conversion in mesoscopic systems
The list of invited speakers is available here.

The colloquium will bring together experimentalists and theorists. It is of course addressed to former colleagues, collaborators and students of Jean-Louis but also to young researchers and any curious scientists interested in a panorama of research activities in mesoscopic physics.

The event will take place on 25-26 June 2018, at Claude Bloch Amphitheater, Building 772, Orme des merisiers, CEA Saclay. More informations here.

Registration is free but required. Please fill the registration form here.

In case of questions/remarks, please contact the organisers.