Monday 25 June

10h-10h30 Welcome coffee
10h30-11h30 Introduction speeches (Geneviève Fleury , Gilles Montambaux , Klaus Frahm, Eric Vincent, Isabelle Pichard )
11h30-12h10 Douglas Stone: "Controlling light in disordered media: correlations and open channels in open systems"
12h10-12h50 Marc Sanquer: "Search for time reversal symmetry effects in disordered conductors and insulators beyond weak localization"
12h50-14h40 Lunch (buffet)
14h40-15h20 Yshai Avishai: "Unusual electronic properties of clean and disordered zigzag carbon nanoribbons"
15h20-16h Khandker Muttalib: "Some recent developments in thermoelectricity"
16h-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-17h10 Spiros Evangelou: "Spin-orbit coupling and many-body localization"
17h10-17h50 Carlo Beenakker: "Valley-momentum locking and valley switch in a graphene superlattice"
17h50 Tribute to Yoseph Imry
19h Conference dinner

Tuesday 26 June

9h30-10h10 Dima Shepelyansky: "Wigner thermoelectricity and interactions"
10h10-10h50 Colin Lambert: "Quantum-interference-enhanced thermoelectricity in single-molecule junctions"
10h50-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-12h10 Gert Ingold: "From mesoscopic physics to the Casimir effect"
12h10-12h50 Harold Baranger: "Using quantum noise to make interacting mesoscopic systems"
12h50-14h30 Lunch (buffet)
14h30-15h10 Giuliano Benenti: "The best thermoelectric: The role of interactions"
15h10-15h50 Michael Pepper: "Disorder and Interaction Effects in One Dimensional Conduction"
16h Coffee, Departure