The R & D activities in the field of multifunctional molecular and hybrid devices at the nanoscale are maturing fast internationally. In view of the dramatic growth of research activities under this area in CEA laboratories (France) as well as in DAE (India), a need has been felt to strengthen the bilateral cooperation.


As a first step in this direction, a Workshop was coordinated at IEMN/Lille during May 22-24, 2006, on “Molecular and Organic Devices”. More than 40 participants, including 10 from DAE and other Indian labs attended this Workshop. Since then, the CEA/DAE collaboration on self assembly, interfaces and nano-phase materials has been further strengthened and a number of bilateral projects have been initiated between DAE laboratories and DRECAM, now called IRAMIS (Institut RAyonnement Matičre de Saclay), and DRFMC, now called INAC (Nanoscience and Cryogeny Institute – Grenoble).
To provide a fresh focus on the new emerging areas of research on molecular electronic transistors, LEDs, photovoltaics, sensors and biosensors, CNT-based devices, and on the study of the nano-bio interface, it is planned to hold an Indo-French Workshop on “Multifunctional Molecular and Hybrid Devices” during October 6-10, 2008 at Saclay. The emphasis during this Workshop will be to share mutually the expertise of the active researchers of DAE laboratories and the major CEA laboratories, as well as some others important French laboratories, by making presentations on the latest developments made in these areas by both sides and by providing mutual in-depth interaction.
Invited presentations on selected topics by about 25 speakers from France and 10 from India will be given. The emphasis is on young researchers, in order to spread the knowledge-base on hybrid multifunctional devices and to give them an opportunity to develop a network of scientific collaborations. Another goal is to provide the participants a direct exposure to the IRAMIS labs in Saclay and to some other important labs, to acquaint them with the broad scope of research conducted there.


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