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Monday, Oct 6

Inaugural Session (9h00 – 10h30)

- Introduction to the Workshop by P. Boulanger / J. Yakhmi
- Introductory Talk by JP Bourgoin: "Nanoscience program within the CEA"


Session 1 (11h-12h30)

Session I, chairman : Dr. J.P. Bourgoin
1. J.V. Yakhmi: "Role of self-assembly for molecular devices"
2. F. Cléri: "Molecules on Si: theoretical approach"


Session 2 (14h-17h30)

Chairman Dr. G. Bidan
1. R. Mallik: "Focussed Lasers, Mutant Flies and Hungry Cells: Understanding Nanoscale Machines designed by Nature".
2. K. Das: “Interaction of Nanoparticles with molecules of biomedical significance


3. Y. Roupioz: "Protein microarrays for living cell analysis"
4. P. Mailley: "Micro and nanoelectrochemistry : a versatile tool for the design of biosensors and biochips"
5. A. Filoramo: "Bio-directed assembly of carbon nanotubes for molecular electronics"

Tuesday, Oct 7

Session 3 (9h-12h30)

Chairman Prof. B. Bhushan
1. V. Saxena: “Poly(3-hexylthiophene) based Field Effect Transistors using SiO2 gate dielectric modified with 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS) multilayers
2. T. Melin: "CNT electrostatic properties (EFM) "


3. F. Duclairoir: "(Abstract) "Redox active monolayers and bistable molecules for molecular memories applications"
4. G. Robert: "Self-assembled molecular layers as ultrathin gate dielectrics for carbon nanotube transistors"


Session 4 (14h-17h30)

Chairman Dr. D. Vuillaume
1. B. Bhushan (invited guest OHIO Univ.): "Nanotribology, Nanomechanics and Materials Characterization Studies and Applications to Bio/Nanotechnology and Biomimetics".
2. J. Philip: "Thermal properties of nanofluids".


3. D. Carrière: "Nanoparticles at interfaces"
4. S. Palacin: "Grafting organics on surfaces: methods and applications"
5. N. Clément: "Dynamical measurement (1/f noise, RTS) in molecular junction"

Thursday, Oct 9

Session 6 (9h-12h30)

Chairman Dr. M. Sanyal
1. S. Bhunia: "MOCVD and CVD growth of compound semiconductor nanostructures"
2. M. Mayne/M. Pinault: "Nucleation and growth mechanism of Carbon nanotubes, application in materials devices"
3. Yannick Coffinier: "Si nanowire: growth and functionalization"


4. B. Jousselme: "Synthesis and grafting of n and p type σ-π-σ systems on substrates for molecular electronic applications".
5. C. Dambrine: "High-frequency behavior of CNT transistors"

Lunch at « La Rotonde »

Visit Neurospin and Lithographies Exhibition "Charles Lapicque"

Friday, Oct 10

Session 7 (9h-12h30)

Chairman Dr. J.V. Yakhmi
1. S.N. Sahu: "Quantum dots and self-assembled hybrids for device interface and biosensor applications"
2. N. Herlin-Boime: "Si Nanocrystals: synthesis and functionalisation for life science applications"


3. G. Carrot: (Abstract) "Nanoscale hybrid objects: from 3D Small angle neutron scattering study to tunable 2D arrays formation"
4. H. Perez: "Self assembly of Pt nanoparticles in CNT, applications to catalysis and fuel cells"

Concluding Remarks by Dr. P. Boulanger and Dr. J.V. Yakhmi

Lunch (outside)

Visit of "Château de Versailles"


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