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BARC J.V. Yakhmi Role of self-assembly for molecular devices CEA-
A. Filoramo Bio-directed assembly of carbon nanotubes for molecular electronics
Vibha Saxena Poly(3-hexylthiophene) based Field Effect Transistors using SiO2 gate dielectric modified with 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS) multilayers G. Robert Self-assembled molecular layers as ultrathin gate dielectrics for carbon nanotube transistors
Suman Neogy Interfaces in nanocrystalline zirconium based alloys S. Palacin Grafting organics on surfaces: methods and applications
IGCAR John Philip Thermal properties of nanofluids
TIFR Deepa Khushalani Formation of functional oxides: A materials chemistry approach B. Jousselme

Synthesis and grafting of n and p type systems on substrates for molecular electronic applications.

Roop Malik Focused Lasers, mutant flies and hungry cells: understanding nanoscale machines designed by nature J. Daillant Nanoparticles at the oil water interface and emulsion stabilization
RRCAT Kaustuv Das Interaction of nanoparticles with molecules of biomedical significance D. Carrière Title to be confirmed
SINP Milan Sanyal Low dimensional physics using soft nanomaterials N. Herlin Si Nanocrystals : synthesis and functionalisation for life science applications
Satyaban Bhunia MOCVD and CVD growth of compound semiconductor nanostructures M. Mayne Nucleation and growth mechanism of Carbone nanotubes, application in materials devices
IOP S.N.Sahu Q.dots and self-assembled Q.dot-DNA hybrids for device interface and biosensor applications H. Perez Self assembly of Pt nanoparticles in CNT, applications to catalysis and fuel cells
Tapobrata Som Ion beam induced modification of nanostructured materials: Nanoscale mixing, burrowing and shaping CEA-
R. Demadrille

Nanostructured Polymers and Composites for Applications in Organic Photovoltaic Devices
  R. Boukheroub Si nanowire: growth and functionalization Y. Roupioz Protein microarrays for living cell analysis
      F.Duclairoir Redox active monolayers and bistable molecules for molecular memories applications
Invited X.X. Bhushan Title to be recd P.Mailley Micro and nanoelectrochemistry : a versatile tool for the design of biosensors and biochips
      IEMN T. Melin

CNT electrostatic properties (EFM)
      R. Boukheroub Si nanowire : growth an d functionalization
      F. Cleri Molecules on Si : theoretical approach
      C. Dambrine Dynamical measurement (1/f noise, RTS) in molecular junction


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