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Last news from the SCARCE Center NTU Singapour - CEA  


Since August 2018, the SCARCE - "Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in the Circular Economy" joint centre, between Nanyang Technical University (NTU) and the CEA, is located in Singapore. Its research themes focus on the study of innovative solutions for waste recycling (sorting, dismantling, dissolution, separation and reuse of materials). The SCARCE centre is currently focusing on electronic waste:

  •  Recycling lithium-ion batteries
  •  Recycling silicon solar panels
  •  Recycling and recovery of precious metals in printed circuit boards
  •  Detoxification and recycling of toxic plastics in electronic waste

Find in "The Conversation", the contribution by Jean-Christophe Gabriel from CEA- NIMBE (UMR CEA-CNRS, University of Paris-Saclay), Visiting Professor at NTU and co-director of the SCARCE centre, presenting the activities of this laboratory.  (PDF of the article).The Conversation

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