Permanent researchers

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  • Guillaume Lefèvre
    Chargé de Recherches CNRS (CRCN, Section 12)


    I obtained my PhD in 2012 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris under the guidance of Dir. Dr. Anny Jutand, where I developed an expertise in molecular electrochemistry used as an investigation tool for mechanistic studies of transition-metal-calatyzed transformations. During this time, I worked in a close collaboration with the group of Pr. Carlo Adamo and Dr. Ilaria Ciofini (ENSCP ChimieParisTech, Paris), where I acquired skills in computational chemistry (DFT techniques applied to organometallic species). During a postdoctoral fellowship in the group of Prof. Peter Legzdins (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2012-2014; DOW Chemicals Fellowship), I worked in the field of C─H activation of saturated hydrocarbons involving tungsten nitrosyl complexes. I joined the CEA as a Chargé de Recherches (CNRS) in September 2014. My research activity in the LCMCE is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Thibault Cantat and focused on the development and mechanistic understanding of new methodologies for the valorization of CO2 and its derivatives. The second part of my activities is centered on mechanistic investigations of low-valent iron-catalyzed transformations in organic synthesis.

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Dr. Christian Herrero, ICMMO, Univ. Paris-Sud Orsay (France) - EPR Spectroscopy
  • Drs. Jean-Marc Latour, Geneviève Blondin, Martin Clémancey, iRTSV, CEA Grenoble (France) - Mössbauer Spectroscopy


  • Referred publications from CEA

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    Rousseau, L.; Brémond, E.; Lefèvre, G.* New. J. Chem.  2018, 42, 7612-7616
  • Assessment of the ground spin state of iron(I) complexes : insights from DFT predictive models.
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    Imberdis, A.; Lefèvre, G.; Thuéry, P.; Cantat, T.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  2018, 12, 3084
  • Metal-free- and alkali-metal-catalyzed synthesis of isoureas from alcohols and carbodiimides.
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    Kyne, S. H.; Clémancey, M.; Blondin, G.; Derat, E.; Fensterbank, L.*; Jutand, A.*; Lefèvre, G.* ; Ollivier, C.* Organometallics  2018, 37 (5), 761-771
  • Elucidating Dramatic Ligand Effects on SET Processes : Iron Hydride versus Iron Borohydride Catalyzed Reductive Radical Cyclization of Unsaturated Organic Halides.
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    Clémancey, M.; Cantat, T.; Blondin, G.; Latour, J.-M.*; Dorlet, P.*; Lefèvre, G* Inorg. Chem.  2017, 56, 3834
  • Structural insights into the nature of Fe0 and FeI low-valent species obtained upon reduction of Iron salts by Aryl Grignard reagents.
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    von Wolff, N.; Villiers, C.; Thuéry, P.; Lefèvre, G.; Ephritikhine, M.*; Cantat, T.*, Eur. J. Org. Chem.  2017, 676
  • Reactivity and Structural Diversity in the Reaction of the TBD Guanidine with CO2, CS2 and Other Heterocumulenes.
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    von Wolff, N.; Lefèvre, G.; Berthet, J.-C.; Thuéry, P.; Cantat, T.*, ACS Catalysis  2016, 6, 4526
  • Implications of CO2 Activation by Frustrated Lewis Pairs in the Catalytic Hydroboration of CO2: A View Using N/Si+ Frustrated Lewis Pairs.
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    Frogneux, W.; von Wolff, N.; Thuéry, P.; Lefèvre, G.*; Cantat, T.*, Chem. Eur. J.  2016, 22, 2230
  • CO2 Conversion into Esters by Fluoride-Mediated Carboxylation of Organosilanes and Halide Derivatives.
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    [17-CEA / Univ. Antwerpen (Belgium)/ ENS Paris]
    Hervé, M.; Lefèvre, G.; Mitchell, E.A.; Maes, B.U.W.*; Jutand, A.*, Chem. Eur. J.  2015, 50, 18401
  • On the Triple Role of Fluoride Ions in Palladium-Catalyzed Stille Reactions
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    Lescot, C.; Savourey, S.; Thuéry, P.; Lefèvre, G.*; Berthet, J.-C.*; Cantat, T.*, Comptes Rendus Chimie (CRC)  2015, 19, 57
  • Synthesis, Structure and Electrochemical Behavior of New RPONOP (R = tBu, iPr) Pincer Complexes of the Fe2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ ions.
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    [15-CEA / Univ. Antwerpen (Belgium)/ ENS Paris]
    Maes, B.U.W.*; Verbeeck, S.; Verhelst, T.; Ekomié, A.; von Wolff, N.; Lefèvre, G.; Mitchell, E.A.; Jutand, A.*, Chem. Eur. J.  2015, 21, 7858
  • Oxidative Addition of Haloheteroarenes to Palladium(0): Concerted versus SNAr-Type Mechanism
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    Savourey, S.; Lefèvre, G.; Berthet, J.-C.; Cantat, T., Chem. Comm.  2014, 50, 14033
  • Catalytic methylation of aromatic amines with formic acid as the unique carbon and hydrogen source.
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    Savourey, S.; Lefèvre, G.; Berthet, J.-C.; Thuéry, P.; Genre, C.; Cantat, T.*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 10466
  • Efficient Disproportionation of Formic Acid to Methanol Using Molecular Ruthenium Catalysts
    Referred publications from postdoctoral studies (University of the British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada - group of Pr. Peter Legzdins)

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    Shree, M. V.; Fabulyak, D.; Baillie, R. A.; Lefèvre, G. P.; Dettelbach, K.; Béthegnies, A.; Patrick, B. O.; Legzdins, P.*; Rosenfeld, D. C. Organometallics   2017, 36, 2714 - Cover Article
  • Multiple C–H Activations of Linear Alkanes by Various (η5-Cyclopentadienyl)W(NO)(CH2CMe3)2 Complexes.
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    Baillie, R.A.; Lefèvre, G.P.; Wakeham, R.J.; Holmes, A.S.; Legzdins, P., Organometallics , 2015, 34, 4085
  • Unsymmetrical Saturated Ketones Resulting from Activations of Hydrocarbon C(sp3)-H and C(sp2)-H Bonds Effected by Cp*W(NO)(H)(η3-allyl) Complexes
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    [10-UBC / DOW Chem. (USA)]
    Baillie, R.A.; Wakeham, R.J.; Lefèvre, G.P.; Béthegnies, A.; Patrick, B.O.; Legzdins, P.; Rosenfeld, D.C., Organometallics , 2015, 34, 3428
  • Thermal Chemistry of Cp*W(NO)(H)(η3-allyl) Complexes
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    [9-UBC / DOW Chem. (USA)]
    Baillie, R.A.; Holmes, A.S.; Lefèvre, G.; Patrick, B.O.; Shree, M.V.; Wakeham, R.J.; Legzdins, P.; Rosenfeld, D.C., Inorg. Chem.  2015, 54, 5915
  • Synthesis, Characterization, and Some Properties of Cp*W(NO)(H)(η3-allyl) Complexes
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    Lefèvre, G.; Baillie, R.A.; Fabulyak, D.; Legzdins, P., Organometallics  2013, 32, 5561
  • Insights into the Intermolecular C-H Activations of Hydrocarbons Initiated by Cp*W(NO)(η3-allyl)(CH2CMe3) Complexes
    Referred publications from doctoral studies (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris - group of Dr. Anny Jutand)

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    Lefèvre, G.; Jutand, A., Chem. Eur. J.  2014, 20, 4796
  • Activation of Aryl and Heteroaryl Halides by an Iron(I) Complex Generated in the Reduction of [Fe(acac)3] by PhMgBr: Electron Transfer versus Oxidative Addition.
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    [6-ENS / ENSCP / ENSCM]
    Lefèvre, G.; Tlili, A.; Taillefer, M.; Adamo, C.. Ciofini, I.; Jutand, A., Dalton Trans.  2013, 42, 5348
  • Discriminating role of bases in diketonate copper(I)-catalyzed C-O couplings: phenol versus diarylether.
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    [5-ENS / ENSCP / ENSCM]
    Lefèvre, G.; Franc, G.; Tlili, A.; Adamo, C.; Taillefer, M.; Ciofini, I.; Jutand, A., Organometallics  2012, 31, 7694
  • Contribution to the Mechanism of Copper-Catalyzed C-N and C-O Bond Formation.
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    [4-ENS / UPMC]
    Ekomié, A.; Lefèvre, G.; Fensterbank, L.; Lacote, E.; Malacria, M.; Ollivier, C.; Jutand, A., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 6942
  • Iron-Catalyzed Reductive Radical Cyclization of Organic Halides in the Presence of NaBH4: Evidence of an Active Hydrido-Iron(I) Catalyst.
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    [3-ENS / ENSCP]
    Lefèvre, G.; Franc, G.; Adamo, C.; Jutand, A.; Ciofini, I., Organometallics  2012, 31, 914
  • Influence of the Formation of the Halogen Bond ArX-N on the Mechanism of Diketonate Ligated Copper-Catalyzed Amination of Aromatic Halides.
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    [2-ENS / ENSCP / ENSCM]
    Lefèvre, G.; Taillefer, M.; Adamo, C.; Ciofini, I.; Jutand, A., Eur. J. Org. Chem.  2011, 3768
  • First Evidence of the Oxidative Addition of Fe0(N,N)2 to Aryl Halides: This Precondition Is Not a Guarantee of Efficient Iron-Catalysed C-N Cross-Coupling Reactions.
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    [1-ENS / ENSCP]
    Franc, G; Cacciuttolo, Q; Lefèvre, G; Adamo, C; Ciofini, I; Jutand, A., ChemCatChem  2011, 3, 305
  • Mechanistic Insights into C-N Coupling Catalyzed by 1,3-Diketonate-Ligated Copper: Unprecedented Activation of Aryl Iodide.