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    Alexis Mifleur obtained a Master in organic chemistry in 2012 at the Université de Caen. Then he did a PhD in homogeneous catalysis at the Université de Lille / UCCS with the Professor Mathieu Sauthier on the study of the reaction of hydroalkoxylation of diene with nickel based catalyst. He obtained his diploma in 2015 and then moved to Japan for a first post-doc with Professor Mashima from Osaka University. There he worked on heterobimetallic complexes and their applications in catalysis. Alexis came back in France for a second post-doc position with Professor Pascal Fongarland in Université de Lyon / CNRS, he studied the dehydrogenation of fatty alcohols into esters from a kinetic point of view for mechanism resolution and further scale-up of the reaction. Then he joined the French Institute for Petroleum and New Energies (IFPEN) in the department of molecular catalysis, working under the supervision of Dr Lionel Magna on the thematic of ethylene oligomerization. In 2021, Alexis obtained a permanent position at the CEA in the LCMCE.


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