Group "BioMolecular Structures"
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Head: Michel Mons

  The fundamental physical chemistry phenomena which control 

       -  the structure of biomolecules,

       -  their interactions and

       -  their dynamical properties,

                studied using laser spectroscopies and                        quantum chemistry 



The flexibility of biomolecules enables them to adopt conformations having a large diversity of properties. Each conformation can be isolated in the gas phase and studied using advanced laser spectroscopy (in the IR and UV range) and modelling by quantum chemistry. This dual approach, mixing experiment and theory, and carried out on model fragments of protein chains enables us to document the link between the structure and their reactivity, their interactions or their dynamics.     The basic results obtained find applications in other research fields, namely the development of theoretical models for protein simulation, the design of innovative biomimetic materials or the definition of novel classes of drugs. 

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