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Microscopies à sonde locale
Microscopies à sonde locale

Pointes de microscope à effet tunnel. Les microscopies en champ proche ont révolutionné notre perception de la matière à l ’échelle nanométrique.

Les microscopies en champ proche couvrent un ensemble de techniques permettant de visualiser la surface des matériaux à l'échelle nanométrique.
Ces microscopies regroupent :
- La microscopie à effet tunnel (STM)   (voir l'animation)
- La microscopie à force atomique (AFM) - La microscopie à force magnétique (MFM)

Toute ces techniques ont en commun le positionnement nanométrique d'une pointe sonde face à l'échantillon dont la position est asservie en fonction du signal choisi (courant, force).

#64 - Last update : 10/15 2013
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Interdisciplinary Multiscale Atomic Force Microscope Platform (IMAFMP)
Feynman’s famous lecture in 1960 titled “There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom” is still inspiring a multitude of scientists from a vast number of fields to think small. Materials, structures and devices fabricated at nanoscale dimensions have been identified as the basis for innumerable future technologies.
N. Katsonis, A. Marchenko, D. Fichou
Among the many types of liquid crystals (LCs), planar disk-like molecules such as triphenylenes are known to exhibit columnar mesophases. An example of such compounds are 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexakis-alkoxy-substituted triphenylenes, hereafter noted Tn where n indicates the number of carbon atoms in the alkyl chains. Tn molecules consist in flat polyaromatic cores symmetrically surrounded by flexible n-carbon side chains (Figure 1).
J. Daillant, P. Guenoun
The majority of electronic devices is designed on silicon wafers where the architecture of the different layers is made through lithographic techniques and resin masks. To cope with the desired increase in performance (Moore’s law), the structure size has to be reduced in order to integrate a larger number of components. Lithographic techniques then reach limits (pure top-down process).


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