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LUMO-SBM team: Biomolecular Structures
Contact : Michel Mons
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The LUMO-SBM team is gathered with the LUMO-DyR team, to form the LUMO research group. Its  research domain is the application of lasers to molecular physics and chemistry, and is focused on the interaction of complex molecular systems with light. It studies in particular (but not exclusively) neutral molecules, models of biomolecules isolated in gas phase. The general scientific objective is to investigate, by various laser spectroscopies and theoretical modeling, the interactions encountered in these systems, both in their ground state and in their excited electronic states. One of the stakes is then to solve the conformational, tautomeric, etc... complexities of these objects in order to document the role of the structure on their dynamical properties, in particular their electronic dynamics, through pump-probe type experiments. This program is realized thanks to a strong experiment-theory synergy ensured by the simultaneous presence of these two competences within the team, made up of chemists and physicists.


The main activity is divided between three main themes, related to the electronic structure and dynamics of flexible systems and biomolecules, and a valorization action.




The "BioMolecular Structures" team is located in Bât. 522 of CEA Saclay. It maintains its own nanosecond laser park and uses the femtosecond/picosecond lasers of the LUCA/ATTOLAB servers at Saclay and CLUPS at the Université Paris-Sud as well as the Synchrotron SOLEIL. Finally, it maintains its own park of workstations (~ 4 nodes / 50 processors) and uses the national resources of the "Calcul Intensif" (TGIR GENCI & CCRT-CEA).


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