Junior Chair Position on Hybrid Quantum Devices

Electron spins in solids have transitions in the microwave domain, and remarkably long coherence times. They are thus complementary to superconducting qubits and are readily integrated with them. Such Hybrid Quantum Devices find applications in Quantum Sensing and Quantum Computing.

In the context of the French National Quantum Initiative, the Quantronics Group at CEA Saclay is proposing a 4-year Junior Chair position to develop Hybrid Quantum Computing with individual spins coupled to microwave photons in superconducting resonators and qubits. The position comes with significant funding for equipment and manpower.

The applicant should have experience in quantum physics, spin physics, and/or circuit quantum electrodynamics. See here for more details

The laboratory includes a state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility and several dilution cryostats equipped for low-noise microwave measurements, spin resonance spectroscopy, and circuit quantum electrodynamics. Samples are available through various worldwide collaboractions

Please contact and send your application (including a CV) to Patrice Bertet

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