PhD Theses

Author Title Year
Léo Balembois Magnetic resonance of a single electron spin and its magnetic environment by photon counting 2023
Zhiren Wang Addressing individual electronic spins with a microwave superconducting resonator 2023
Eric Billaud 2023
Cyril Metzger Spin & charge effects in Andreev Bound States 2022
Marianne Le Dantec Electron spin dynamics of erbium ions in scheelite crystals, probed with superconducting resonators at millikelvin temperatures 2022
Emanuele Albertinale Measuring spin fluorescence with a microwave photon detector 2021
Jessica Fernanda Da Silva Barbosa Fabrication and characterization of a hybrid quantum device for single spin microwave detection 2020
Bartolo Albanese Radiative Cooling of a Spin Ensemble 2020
Audrey Bienfait Magnetic Resonance with Quantum Microwaves 2016
Camille Janvier Coherent manipulation of Andreev bound states in atomic contacts 2016
Kristinn Juliusson 2016
Vivien Schmitt Design, fabrication, and test of a four superconducting quantum-bit processor 2015
Cécile Grezes Towards a spin ensemble quantum memory for superconducting qubits 2014
Landry Bretheau Localized excitations in superconducting atomic contacts: probing the Andreev doublet 2013
Andreas Dewes Demonstrating Quantum Speed-up with a Two-Transmon Quantum Processor 2012
Jean-Damien Pillet Tunneling spectroscopy of the Andreev Bound States in a Carbon Nanotube 2011
Agustin Palacios-Laloy Superconducting Qubit in a Resonator: Test of the Leggett-Garg Inequality and Single-Shot Readout 2010
Quentin Le Masne Asymmetric current fluctuations and Andreev states probed with a Josephson junction 2009
François Nguyen Cooper Pair Box Circuits: Two-Qubit Gate, Single-Shot Readout and Current-to-Frequency Conversion 2008
Hélène le Sueur Cryogenic AFM-STM for mesoscopic physics 2007
Benjamin Huard Interactions between electrons, mesoscopic Josephson effect and asymmetric current fluctuations 2006
Grégoire Ithier Manipulation, readout and analysis of the decoherence of a superconducting quantum bit 2005
Martin Chauvin The Josephson Effect in Atomic Contacts 2005
Anne Anthore Decoherence mechanisms in mesoscopic conductors 2003
Audrey Cottet Implementation of a quantum bit in a superconducting circuit 2002
Ronald Cron Les contacts atomiques : un banc d’essai pour la physique mésoscopique 2001
Frédéric Pierre Electron-electron interaction in mesoscopic wires (in French), also in Ann. Phys. Fr., Vol. 26, N°4 2001, pp. 1-192 2000
Vincent Bouchiat Quantum fluctuations of the charge in single electron and single Cooper pair devices 1997
Sophie Guéron Quasiparticles  in a diffusive conductor: interactions and pairing 1997
Philippe Joyez The single Cooper pair transistor: a macroscopic quantum system 1995
Philippe Lafarge Macroscopic charge quantization in metallic nanostructures 1993
Hugues Pothier Coulomb blockade and transfer of electrons one by one 1991
Emmanuel Turlot Dynamique de l'effet tunnel quantique macroscopique d'une jonction Josephson (in French) 1990

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