Hybrid Quantum Systems

We develop hybrid quantum devices that combine spins in solids with superconducting quantum circuits, with applications in quantum sensing and quantum computing.

Superconducting quantum circuits are exceptional microwave detectors. Josephson Parametric Amplifiers amplify linearly small microwave fields with minimal added noise. Josephson quantum bits form the basis of operational Single-Photon Microwave Detectors (SMPDs) able to detect incoherent fluorescence signals. In our research, we use superconducting resonators [1], amplifiers [2] and SMPDs [3] to perform ultra-sensitive electron spin resonance spectroscopy at millikelvin temperatures, down to the single-spin level [4-6].

Spin coherence times can reach seconds in ultra-clean crystals [6], which makes them interesting for quantum computing. We are developing a spin-based quantum memory for superconducting qubits [8,9]. We are also developing a novel quantum computing architecture based on individual spins in solids interfaced by superconducting circuits.

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