Cristian Urbina

Cristian Urbina

Research subjects

  • Quantum transport
  • Quantum circuits
  • Hybrid circuits
  • Superconductivity



Since 2002 Research Director 1, CNRS.
2000-2001 Visiting Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
1994 Research Director 2, CNRS
1993-1994 Invited Professor, FCFM, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
1983-1985 Post-Doc in Prof. John CLARKE group, Physics Department, University of California, Berkeley, USA
1982 Research Associated 1, CNRS
1981 Research Associated 2, CNRS
1981 Ph.D., Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France



Prix Servant 2011 of the French Academy of Sciences.


Ten selected publications

  1. L. Bretheau, Ç. Ö. Girit, H. Pothier, D. Esteve, and C. Urbina, “Exciting Andreev pairs in a superconducting atomic contact”, Nature 499, 312-315, (2013), also available as arXiv:1305.4091.
  2. M. Zgirski, L. Bretheau, Q. Le Masne, H. Pothier, D. Esteve, and C. Urbina, “Evidence for Long-Lived Quasiparticles Trapped in Superconducting Point Contacts”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 257003 (2011), also available as arXiv:1105.5039.
  3. Q. Le Masne, H. Pothier, Norman O. Birge, C. Urbina, D. Esteve, “Asymmetric noise probed with a Josephson junction”, Phys. Rev. Lett: 102, 067002 (2009), also available as arXiv:0901.2519.
  4. H. le Sueur, P. Joyez, H. Pothier, C. Urbina, and D. Esteve, “Phase controlled superconducting proximity effect probed by tunneling spectroscopy», Phys. Rev. Lett: 100, 197002 (2008), also available as arXiv:0804.2382.
  5. M. L. Della Rocca, M. Chauvin, B. Huard, H. Pothier, D. Esteve, and C. Urbina, « Measurement of the current-phase relation of superconducting atomic contacts », Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 127005 (2007), also available as arXiv:0708.0515.
  6. M. Chauvin, P. vom Stein, P. Joyez, H. Pothier, M. E. Huber, D. Esteve and C. Urbina, « Superconducting atomic contacts under microwave irradiation », Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 067006 (2006), also available as arXiv:0608648.
  7. J. M. Martinis, S. Nan, J. Aumentado and C. Urbina, « Rabi oscillations in a large Josephson-junction qubit », Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 117901 (2002).
  8. D. Vion, A. Aassime, A. Cottet, P. Joyez, H. Pothier, C. Urbina, D. Esteve and M. H. Devoret,  « Manipulating the quantum state of an electrical circuit », Science 296, 886 (2002), also available as arXiv:0205343.
  9. R. Cron, M. F. Goffman, D. Esteve and C. Urbina, « Shot noise in superconducting atomic contacts », Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 4104 (2001).
  10. E. Scheer, N. Agraït, J.C. Cuevas,A. Levy Yeyati, B. Ludoph, A. Martín Rodero, G. Rubio Bollinger, J. Van Ruitenbeek and C. Urbina, « The signature of chemical valence in the electrical conduction through a single-atom contact.», Nature 394, 154-158 (1998).


"Mesoscopic Physics", Master2 NanoSciences, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Palaiseau, France, since 2010.

"Superconducting Quantum Point Contacts", School on Mesoscopic Physics, Aussois, France, 2005.

"Mesoscopic Josephson Effect", Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures, Anacapri, Italy, 2007.

"Superconducting Quantum Point Contacts", School of Physics of Transport in Nanostructures, Bariloche, Argentine, 2007.

"Atomic Contacts: A Test-Bed For Mesoscopic Physics", III Giambiagi Winter School, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010.

"Mesoscopic Superconductivity", III School on Nanostructures, Valparaíso, Chile, 2010

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