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Univ. Paris-Saclay
27 août 2021
Eni Kume and Laurence Noirez In the conventional picture, the temperature of a liquid bath in the quiescent state is uniform down to thermal fluctuation length scales. Here we examine the impact of a low-frequency shear mechanical field (hertz) on the thermal equilibrium of polypropylene glycol and liquid water away from any phase transition confined between high-energy surfaces.
10 juin 2021
Les équipes NIMBE/LIONS du CEA-Iramis et "Régulation transcriptionnelle des génomes" de CEA-Joliot/I2BC se sont associées pour développer et valider un système innovant d’automatisation de cultures de cellules.
16 février 2021
Alessio Zaccone and Laurence Noirez, J. Phys. Chem. Lett.12 (2021) 1, 650–657. Liquids confined to sub-millimeter scales have remained poorly understood. One of the most striking effects is the large elasticity revealed using good wetting conditions, which grows upon further decreasing the confinement length, L.


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