Saclay Laser-matter
Interaction Center
   is a laser platform of

SLIC : Saclay Laser-matter Interaction Center


LIDYL hosts femtosecond laser facilities and a large panel of experimental endstations to study ultrafast phenomena and laser-matter interaction at high intensity. Development and applications of intense coherent femtosecond/attosecond XUV sources, laser-driven particle acceleration, laser-solid interaction at high intensity, femtochemistry and femtobiology are typical examples of research topics studied at LIDYL
LIDYL laser facilities possess complementary specifications chosen for different domains of research:

  • LUCA, a 20Hz multi-line and multi-user facility with peak power up to 1TW and 50fs pulse duration, includes permanent experimental set-ups for femtochemistry, solid-state physics experiments along with a XUV line based on harmonic generation in gases.
  • UHI delivers 100 TW pulses with 25 fs pulse duration and high temporal contrast (1010). UHI is ideal for studying particle acceleration and harmonic generation on plasma mirrors.
  • The FLUME setup is dedicated to the study of time-resolved fluorescence kinetics and spectra on the femtosecond timescale.
  • The ATTOLab-Orme infrastructure houses the FAB1-10 femtosecond laser which delivers two distinct line of ultrashort (23 fs) pulses at 1kHz and 10kHz, each coupled to an attosecond light line equipped with experimental stations for gas phase or solid phase studies.

LIDYL facilities are widely open to external researchers. Researchers and research teams from research institutions from the EU or EU associated states are welcome to apply for access at LIDYL through the Transnational Access Programme of Laserlab Europe (How to apply for European access). Researchers affiliated to French research institutions can apply for access (How to apply for National access) through an annual call launched jointly by LIDYL, the LOA (Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée) and the CELIA (Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications).

LIDYL is located in France near Paris. The mailing address is:
    Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers
     Bâtiment 522
     91191 Gif-Sur-Yvette Cedex, FRANCE
     Phone : (33)
     Fax : (33)
For more information, please contact pascal d'Oliveira ( )


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