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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Reaction Dynamics Group
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The Reaction Dynamics Group is interested in the photo-induced dynamics of isolated systems: organic molecules, radicals, molecular clusters, Van-der-Waals clusters. The reaction dynamics of these systems is obviously related to their structure. Therefore, the Reaction Dynamics group combines time resolved dynamics studies structural ones. Our experimental work is systematically supplemented by theoretical modelings. These are conducted either through external collaborations or directly in the team. Our work focuses both on the intrinsic dynamics of model systems without interaction with an external environment and on solvation processes by depositing these species with solvent molecules on a rare gas cluster.


This scientific approach leads to a distribution of our studies in two interdependant subjects and a more technical aspect:




Atomic and Electronic Structure
Photo-dynamics and photo-reactivity
Developments - dissemination


The Reaction Dynamics group is mainly located in building 462 of CEA Saclay. Its component "numerical simulation" is partly in building 522. The experimental device FEMTO is mobile and can be implanted either on LUCA (Saclay) or on ATTOLAB (Orme-des-Merisiers).

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