Dans un système hôte-invité, un petit ensemble ‑ l'invité ‑ interagit avec un grand ensemble ‑ l'hôte ‑ qui joue souvent un rôle de thermostat.
Elementary chemical acts are often associated with the crossing of a saddle point: 2 colliding reagents are climbing up a valley of the ground state potential energy surface which describes their interaction; they reach a saddle point and run downhill a valley toward the reaction products.
One of the goals in physical chemistry is to follow reaction paths in details.
Ionized molecules are involved in many chemical reactions, and participate for an important part in the chemistry of the upper atmosphere and interstellar clouds.
The stability and conformational dynamics of biomolecules are strongly influenced by the dynamics of hydrogen bonds and by hydrogen transfer processes which occur through these bonds.
Clusters consists in a set of several up to million atoms in condensed phase with nanometric finite size.
J.M. Mestdagh, L. Poisson, I. Fischer, P. D’Oliveira
Service des Photons, Atomes et Molécules DRECAM/SPAM
The very new laser of the "Plateforme Laser Femtoseconde Accordable, PLFA" began to be installed last year within the Service of Photons Atoms and Molecules (SPAM).
E. Gloaguen1, J.-M. Mestdagh1, L. Poisson1, J.-P. Visticot1 ,B. Soep1,M. Coroiu2, A. Eppink2 et D.H. Parker2
1Laboratoire Francis Perrin (CNRS-URA-2453), DSM/DRECAM/ Service des Photons, Atomes et Molécules, C.E.A.

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