2nd MOLIM Training School - Advanced technics for molecular spectroscopy and dynamics - March, 6-10th 2017  

The 2nd MOLIM Training School focuses on the recent experimental developments occurred in the field of molecular spectroscopy and reaction dynamics. World-wide experts working in European country will be invited to present the most relevant state-of-the-art techniques and their applications. The trainees will benefit from visits of the brand new laser servers ATTOLAB and CILEX as well as of the synchrotron SOLEIL. By team of 2 to 3 trainees, the students will be involved in a laboratory project hosted in several laboratories of the Paris-Saclay University.

The registration is open to Master students, Ph.D students, post-docs and permanent scientist from all European countries. Affiliation to the COST MOLIM is not required to participate to this school. The school can welcome up to 40 Europeans trainees and 10 more students from Paris region.

The registration deadline is fixed at Feb 24th 2017. Booking of rooms by the Committee will be possible up to Jan. 31st 2017.

Registration: http://iramis.cea.fr/meetings/MTS2/index.php

Confirmed speakers:

Knuth Asmis (Leipzig, D)

Valérie Blanchet (Bordeaux, FR)

Juraj Fedor (Prague, CZ)

Gustavo Garcia (Paris-Saclay, France)

Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus (Bielefeld, D)

Anne Lafosse (ISMO, F)

Franck Lépine (Lyon, FR)

Andrew Orr-Ewing (Bristol, UK)

Katerine Reid (Nothingham, UK)

Claire Vallance (Oxford, UK)

Katalin Varjú (Budapest, HU)

Roland Wester (Innsbruck, AU)


Organizing Comittee :

Dr. Lionel Poisson Pr. Majdi Hochlaf Dr. Laurent Nahon Pr. Satchin Soorkia Dr. Roland Thissen
L. POISSON, dépêche du 14/12/2016

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