SLIC is a laser platform of  Lidyl

UHI's recent developments

UHI100 is the most intense laser at LIDYL.It delivers pulses with peak power up to 100TW (2.5J) at 10Hz with a duration of 25fs and a high temporal contrast.

UHI100 combines 5 stages of Titanium-Sapphire amplifiers. An original feature of UHI100 is the preamplification stage including a saturable absorber for temporal filtering that is set ahead of the stretcher. As a result, the temporal contrast reaches 109 at the output of the compressor.

The UHI100 laser alternately feeds two radioprotected and fully equipped experimental rooms: double plasmas mirrors for 1012 temporal contrast on target, wavefront correction systems (deformable mirrors), experimental chambers, optical diagnostic tools and secondary sources (particles, photons). Intensities on the target are in the 1019-1020 W /cm2 range.

UHI100 is mostly used by the LIDYL/PHI groupto study laser-matter interaction at ultra-high intensity. Topics of research mostly concern generation and applications of fast particles and attosecond intense XUV beams.


The UHI100 laser


The first temporal cleaning step based on a saturated absorber is visible at the foreground.



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